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We’re a convenient, efficient, and compliant solution to all your cannabis waste management needs.

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EW aims to provide a comprehensive and affordable solution for cannabis licensees and their waste requirements. As in any pioneering industry, compliance is essential, and as your partner in waste management we take care of the heavy lifting.

Why Trust Us as Your Cannabis Waste Management Company?

At Easy Waste Management, we are 100% committed to providing eco-friendly solutions to cannabis waste that meet the strict regulations of governing bodies.

Think Outside the Box

Every client in the cannabis industry supply chain has different needs. We provide a custom tailored plan that optimizes efficiency.

Risk Management

Failure to maintain compliance can lead to large fines or even loss of license. We ensure that you are never at risk.

One Call Away

Whether you have compliance questions, need to change your pick-up schedule, or just want to chat, we are never more than a call or email away — 24-hour service, 365 days a year.


Partner with the Best Cannabis Waste Disposal Company in the Business

We’re always looking for ways to collaborate with other businesses in the cannabis industry. Get in touch with our team to explore opportunities.

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