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Our Solution

We eliminate waste through an eco-friendly process with the safety and health of Earth in mind at every step of our process. Here at Easy Waste Management, we follow proper compliance procedures to make your waste disposal solution easy, saving you time and money.

We are a fully licensed cannabis disposal company that allows you to get back to doing what you do best. We have a “no stress” policy for our clients and will do anything to enforce it! 

Don’t waste time on waste! Right from the start, we will take full control by performing a site evaluation and coming up with a plan that is right for you.

Next, we bring by the right sized waste containers and train your staff on the proper way to handle destruction and sorting. Last, we come by to pick up the full container and drop off a fresh one.

Remember these words; don’t waste time on waste!

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Our Mission

It’s in our name, we make it easy for our clients to guarantee that they are always in line with industry regulations. We consider ourselves as more of a “Waste Compliance Director” which means we will be a partner in setting up your waste plan and provide ongoing training for staff.

Why Choose Easy Waste Management?

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Every client in the cannabis industry supply chain has different needs. We provide a custom tailored plan that optimizes efficiency.
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Failure to maintain compliance can lead to large fines or even loss of license. We ensure that you are never at risk.
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Whether you have compliance questions, need to change your pick-up schedule or just want to chat, we are never more than a call or email away. 24 hour service, 365 days a year.

How We Work

We know it's tough to get started in a new and rapidly-changing industry so we'll make it easy for you to get started. Here's what we can do to get your company's waste disposal solution streamlined and simple.

Initial Assessment
Easy WM will provide a free site inspection to evaluate your needs and begin to build a bespoke waste management plan. During this time, we will also be able to provide live examples of what it takes to be compliant.
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Waste Management Plan
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After our initial assessment, we will provide you with a custom fit plan that is fully compliant with all local, state and federal laws. This WMP will be sufficient for the waste aspect required for licensing.
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personalized plan
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Easy WM will provide documentation showing that you arecertified and compliant with all regulations. We wil also providetraining materials for your staff and a process narrative thatcan be visibly displayed.
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Drop Off
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In this stage, we will provide your facility with high quality, UN-rated containers for waste storage. They are air tight for maximum odor protection and include biodegradable lining to ensure proper hygiene.
Pick Up
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Per our prearranged schedule, we will come to your location and remove the filled containers and provide you a fresh start. If you generated more waste than originally estimated, not to worry! We are always one call away and can accommodate emergency requests.
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At pick up, we will provide a manifest to ensure you are able to enter the initial details needed for track-and-trace reporting. We will also provide the certified weight upon drop off at licensed composting/recycling centers. This will ensure you are able to track your waste all the way to its end! Client documents are uploaded electronically to your portal.
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Our Services and Process

“Love the service that EZ Waste Management provides. Always quick and top-quality removal of all our canabis waste.”

- Cannabis Farms

“Love the service that EZ Waste Management provides. Always quick and top-quality removal of all our canabis waste.”

- Cannabis Farms

“Love the service that EZ Waste Management provides. Always quick and top-quality removal of all our canabis waste.”

- Cannabis Farms

“Love the service that EZ Waste Management provides. Always quick and top-quality removal of all our canabis waste.”

- Cannabis Farms

“Love the service that EZ Waste Management provides. Always quick and top-quality removal of all our canabis waste.”

- Cannabis Farms

“Love the service that EZ Waste Management provides. Always quick and top-quality removal of all our canabis waste.”

- Cannabis Farms

Frequently Asked Questions: All You Need to Know About Cannabis Waste

Have a question that urgently needs to be answered? We can be of service. If the question you have is not answered in the FAQ below, you can contact us directly HERE.

What is cannabis waste?

The general rule of thumb is anything that has THC or comes into contact with THC must be rendered unusable and unrecognizable. At this point is the cannabis considered “waste” and can be disposed of properly.

Who produces cannabis waste?

All licensees in the cannabis market produce their own special type of waste. Please contact us today to learn more. As an example, retailers often see expired or returned items, which can’t be sold and definitely can’t just be thrown away. Extractors use chemicals, solvents and lots of water in their process that can’t be flushed away. Cultivators see the most amount of waste during harvest as any plant material, soil or packaging that has come in contact with THC must be disposed of properly.

How often does my waste need to be picked up?

Totally depends on your waste quantity! We provide the right containers based on how much waste you generate so the pickup schedule is tailored to you.

Is cannabis waste considered “organic”?

In most states, cannabis waste is referred to as “a special regulated waste”, which means it needs to be stored, handled, transported, processed, and tracked in very specific ways.

Do I need a Waste Management Plan for my license?

Yes, the different licensing agencies require a Waste Management Plan in order to consider you. This document is provided to you after our initial assessment of your facilities and is fully customized for your needs.

What do you do with my waste?

We pride ourselves on being a responsible company that cares for our environment. All of the packaging/glassware will be recycled, the green waste will be composted and hazardous waste will be treated properly. The landfill is our last resort and we have not had to use it yet!

Our Blog

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The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in both the U.S. and Canada, with 2019 gearing up to be a bumper year for U.S. hemp and marijuana cultivation.

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