Compliance for California Cannabis Regulations

Develop and implement a cannabis waste management plan that complies with all three cannabis regulatory agencies in California.

Since the legalization of cannabis in California, strict legislation has been passed to ensure that cannabis waste– both organic and hazardous– is properly managed. Cannabis businesses ranging from dispensaries and nurseries to processors and cultivators are among those most affected by this legislation. With regulations from three primary cannabis regulatory agencies, it can be difficult to put a disposal process in place that meets all compliance requirements. To ease the confusion and frustration often associated with developing a compliant cannabis waste disposal program, Easy Waste Management is here to help.

Certified Cannabis Compliance for Your Business & Employees

Easy Waste Management is fully licensed and complies with all of the rules set forth by the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), CalCannabis, the Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch (MCSB) and CalRecycle. We stay up-to-date with all cannabis laws, waste legislation, and news in the cannabis industry to ensure that we are at the forefront of compliance. Our team makes sure that any relevant changes are communicated.

Clients are provided with Cannabis Waste Management Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), which document processes and can be submitted along with their licensing applications. Each of these plans are custom made to tailor fit client needs.

Cannabis Waste Manifests are provided at scheduled pickups and during destruction to ensure all client Track-and-Trace system reporting needs are met. This documentation is all uploaded to the Easy Waste Management client portal, which allows for easy access by all parties in the supply chain.

‍As the Waste Compliance Director for our clients, we maintain ongoing training for staff to ensure all parties are educated on best practices for cannabis waste management and disposal. Available 24/7, Easy Waste Management is always just one call away in case of any questions, issues, or emergency pickup needs.

Completely Compliant Waste Management Services Made Easy

To learn more about our regulatory compliance for commercial cannabis companies in California, please contact Easy Waste Management today!

We’re at the Forefront of Cannabis Waste Compliance

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