We're Here to Answer Your Questions About Waste Disposal!

What is cannabis waste?

The general rule of thumb is anything that has THC or comes into contact with THC must be rendered unusable and unrecognizable. At this point is the cannabis considered “waste” and can be disposed of properly.

Who produces cannabis waste?

All licensees in the cannabis market produce their own special type of waste. Please contact us today to learn more. As an example, retailers often see expired or returned items, which can’t be sold and definitely can’t just be thrown away. Extractors use chemicals, solvents and lots of water in their process that can’t be flushed away. Cultivators see the most amount of waste during harvest as any plant material, soil or packaging that has come in contact with THC must be disposed of properly.

How often does my waste need to be picked up?

Totally depends on your waste quantity! We provide the right containers based on how much waste you generate so the pickup schedule is tailored to you.

Is cannabis waste considered “organic”?

In most states, cannabis waste is referred to as “a special regulated waste”, which means it needs to be stored, handled, transported, processed, and tracked in very specific ways.

Do I need a Waste Management Plan for my license?

Yes, the different licensing agencies require a Waste Management Plan in order to consider you. This document is provided to you after our initial assessment of your facilities and is fully customized for your needs.

What do you do with my waste?

We pride ourselves on being a responsible company that cares for our environment. All of the packaging/glassware will be recycled, the green waste will be composted and hazardous waste will be treated properly. The landfill is our last resort and we have not had to use it yet!