3 Reasons to Start Cannabis Waste Composting

Find out how cannabis waste composting can benefit your cultivation business and the environment.

Cannabis Waste
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Composting is a relatively easy method of keeping your cannabis crops in the healthiest shape possible. As a cultivator, composting is environmentally sustainable. Plus, it offers a beneficial way to reuse organic waste. Read on as we break down three of the benefits of cannabis waste composting.

Understanding Cannabis Waste Composting Benefits

Cannabis waste composting is valuable both for you as a grower and for the environment. This is especially true if you’re a cultivator working towards boosting marijuana sales or seeking sustainable disposal techniques. Besides improving your plant and soil health, composting offers a responsible way to reuse plant waste while reducing your carbon footprint.

Improves Soil Health and Yields Higher Growth Rates

Composting is an efficient way to give your plants the soil nutrients they need to thrive. With regular use, composting brings about many benefits while improving your soil health. These benefits vary, depending on the frequency and amount of compostable material applied, crop rotations, and other aspects. Some of the benefits include: 

  • Additional cannabis plant nutrients
  • Improved soil tilth
  • Increased plant root depth
  • Erosion reduction
  • Water conservation
  • Balanced pH levels

These improvements to your soil happen gradually, and can eventually lead to sturdier plants and higher growth yield rates.

Promotes Sustainable Growing Operations

In California, anything that comes in contact with THC is classified as “special regulated waste.” Composting allows you to reuse leftover marijuana plant waste and organic waste material while remaining compliant. By doing so, you can significantly limit the amount of organic waste going to the landfill. 

In turn, you’ll also promote sustainable growing techniques and be able to limit the use of chemicals on your growing crops. Practicing these methods can even draw in more business. As marijuana legalization continues throughout the country, recreational use consumers are more invested in researching its makeup and composition. Following current trends, many consumers making the move to natural products may prefer organic cannabis.

Meets Regulatory Compliance Standards

It’s no surprise that the booming cannabis industry generates a substantial amount of marijuana waste. The sector is under scrutiny concerning proper waste disposal techniques. From cannabis cultivation to processing, every one of the industry’s market verticals contributes towards organic waste materials and byproduct to some degree.

One of the challenges in proper cannabis disposal lies within state policy differences. Cannabis guidelines vary by each state. Several states have licensed regulators that oversee labs and dispensaries to ensure they’re following protocol. Under California’s cannabis regulations, some licensing agencies require cannabis material to be labeled as “unusable and unrecognizable.” Taking advantage of composting through a responsible cannabis waste disposal plan allows you to comply with state laws while ensuring your non-usable plant material meets these guidelines. 

If you need help developing a responsible cannabis waste plan in the Los Angeles, CA area, contact the experts at Easy Waste Management. We offer convenient and compliant solutions that put sustainability at the forefront. Take advantage of the benefits of composting and proper cannabis waste management. Request a free consultation to get started today!

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