3 Easy Steps to Dispose of Cannabis Packaging Responsibly

Learn how to dispose of cannabis packaging responsibly!

Cannabis Recycling
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Not only is cannabis recyclable itself, but so is the plastic packaging that most cannabis and cannabis products come in! The Bureau of Cannabis Control, CalCannabis, and MCSB all have regulations that mandate specific handling of cannabis products from licensees. But, with the right plan in place, you can help your facility cut back on the amount of plastic waste sent to nearby landfills. Follow these steps to learn how to recycle cannabis packaging.

Go Green: How to Recycle Cannabis Packaging

Unlike most plastic containers, cannabis packaging can’t be tossed aside and sent to a recycling center. The three easy-to-follow steps below will keep you compliant with California’s regulations on cannabis plastic waste recycling, whether you’re a dispensary or a grow/production facility.

  1. Place Cannabis Packaging in a Secured Waste Receptacle

    Licensees must store their cannabis packaging in a waste receptacle on their premises. But, unlike your standard recyclable products, like plastic bottles and plastic caps, all cannabis containers must be placed in secured recycling bins that are only accessible by the licensee, their employees, and their waste hauler. This area must be off-limits to anyone visiting the facility, which is especially pertinent to dispensaries and other customer-facing businesses.

  2. Update Records Based on Track-and-Trace System

    Before we jump into transferring cannabis packaging, we’d like to emphasize the importance of following the state’s regulation for reporting all cannabis and cannabis-related products before they leave the facility. All California businesses in the cannabis industry must follow the state’s track-and-trace model, which is essentially a state-wide collection of all commercial cannabis. When reporting, companies must fill out their business name and contact information, the name and contact information of the purchaser or receiver, and the weight and amount of packaging that will be moved. You’ll also need to provide other general information such as the date and time of departure, a description of the product, and its unique identifier (UID).

  3. Recyclable Products Leave Premises by Waste Hauler

    Some cannabis businesses choose to self-haul cannabis waste and packaging. However, we recommend partnering with a waste hauler to ensure total compliance within your operations. From start to finish, waste disposal services can help you stay compliant with all the regulations put forth by your respective governing agency within California. Furthermore, they can help you integrate a more comprehensive recycling program, so you’re following the best tips for making use of leftover cannabis packaging.

Cannabis and cannabis products, including plastic packaging, are generally considered “organic waste.” So, they can – and should – be disposed of as such to avoid clogging our landfills and emitting toxins into the environment. Recycling is not always the cheapest option for disposing of cannabis waste. However, taking part in sustainable business practices through recycling and composting reduces your carbon footprint and, ultimately, helps us ensure a greener tomorrow.

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