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The Department of Cannabis Control mandates that all licensees must document the movement of cannabis from “seed to sale.” The California cannabis track and trace system is managed digitally and provides the state greater control over many sanctions, from monitoring the unregulated market to aiding in the track and recall process. While it may benefit regulators and public health, it also creates many challenges for Cannabis manufacturers and distributors, leading many to face delays or even interruptions in their operations. Let’s take a closer look at this traceability system and how you can avoid penalizing your business.

California’s Track and Trace Law

Ultimately, California’s track and trace system provides greater oversight on products and supply chain processes. The law relies on serialization through Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags which can be turned into barcodes, product labels, and other unique identifiers. In any case, licensees must enter this information into the state’s database, which then creates traceability from cultivation to retail sales. Regulators can learn a lot about the plant or plant product in real-time, including its strain, intended use, and current location within the database.

Licensees must create a California Cannabis Track and Trace (CCTT) account through the state website to get started. (The department relies on a software called METRC.) From there, you must complete account manager training and then order unique product/plant tags to use for your products.

It’s worth noting that there are monthly charges when using METRC, and cannabis businesses are responsible for paying for product tags.

Cannabis Waste is Also Subject to Track and Trace Laws in California

It is estimated that North America generates roughly one million tons of cannabis waste annually. It is an ever-growing concern within the industry, and therefore, it is also required by state officials to monitor all waste products’ movement.

In California, cannabis waste must be rendered unusable and unrecognizable before it leaves the licensees’ premises. From there, it should be entered into the track and trace system and stored in a secured area until it is transported to a designated drop-off area.

Track and Trace in Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles distributors, manufacturers, and retailers are subject to very much of the same regulations as the pharmaceutical industry. As many can confirm, these policies require you to be very diligent to avoid penalization. The best way to ensure your cannabis waste is compliant with state regulations is to partner with a licensed waste management service, like Easy Waste Management, to tag and dispose of your products properly.

Our haulers will ensure that all of your Track and Trace system requirements are met, but that’s just the start of it. We’re the premier cannabis waste hauler in Los Angeles for many reasons:

  • Easy Waste Management will strategize based on the unique needs of your cannabis business, with considerations made for every piece of the waste management process.
  • We are fully licensed and compliant with local, state, and federal regulations — and we’ll make sure your cannabis waste is too.
  • You’ll receive UN-rated containers to store your commercial cannabis waste in that prevent odor and spillage.
  • Our team will make sure your team understands its role in waste management. It’s minimal, but you’ll want to ensure that the right parties are informed of their responsibilities!

Ready to get started with LA’s best track and trace solutions? Request a free consultation with Easy Waste Management today!

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