Your Guide to Simplifying Cannabis Waste at Festivals in California

Keep concertgoers and the environment safe with a cannabis waste plan for your festival in California.

Cannabis Waste
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If there are two things the great state of California is renowned for outside of stunning views and beautiful weather, some would argue are enormous outdoor music festivals and the legalization of recreational marijuana. Ironically, music festivals and cannabis culture often go hand-in-hand with a growing number of festival attendees lighting up or enjoying edibles while watching the headliner. While a cannabis-friendly atmosphere can attract concertgoers, it creates quite a bit of liability for management of music festivals. Considerations like how to manage cannabis waste at festivals and how to keep consumption limited to a designated area are just a few things festival management must consider.

How to Create a Cannabis Waste Plan for California Festivals

For those festival managers lucky enough to get a cannabis event license from the state of California, as well as local government, there is a long list of compliance requirements to follow. By working with a cannabis waste company like Easy Waste Management, festival management can rest assured that cannabis waste will be properly discarded and hauled from festival grounds. Developing a comprehensive cannabis waste plan will keep concertgoers safe, limit hazardous materials in landfills, and make festival clean-up simple.

How Does It Work?

By designating cannabis consumption areas per local jurisdictions, festivals create a secured area specifically for cannabis users. Not only does designating a secure area ensure no underage concertgoers enter the space, but it also enables the festival to keep alcohol out of temporary cannabis premises and keep cannabis waste in a secluded area for easy pick-up.

When you work with Easy Waste Management to manage cannabis waste at festivals, we will provide cannabis disposal containers to keep lined along your designated cannabis areas. All of our containers are UN-rated with the proper seal to minimize odor and spillage. They’re guaranteed to meet California state regulations.

As concertgoers frequent the area, they can dispose of roaches, discarded joints and blunts, vape pen cartridges, edible wrappers, and anything that may have come in contact with THC in the containers.

At the end of the concert, or throughout the fest if necessary, our team will arrive and responsibly and compliantly haul away the cannabis waste. It’s as simple as that. Our goal is to ensure festival management doesn’t waste a minute on cannabis waste!

Does Your Festival Need Cannabis Waste Management?

Because cannabis waste is classified as a “special regulated waste,” it must be stored, handled, transported, and disposed of compliantly per state regulations. Without a plan for managing cannabis consumption and disposal at your festival, you’ll likely be non-compliant with state and local regulations. For that reason, a majority of cannabis festivals and music events rely on a waste compliance partner.

To learn more about compliantly managing cannabis waste at festivals in California, contact the experts at Easy Waste Management today. We’re a California-based company, and we pride ourselves on being environmentally conscious. We prioritize recycling or composting every last bit of cannabis waste that we can. Partner with us to simplify your festival’s waste management plan today!

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