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The Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) oversees cannabis waste in California. This regulatory body determines the laws and processes regarding the disposal of cannabis and cannabis-related products with which anyone working in the industry must comply. Ensuring your disposal process abides by the rules is easy with these cannabis waste solutions in Elk Grove, CA.

Available Options for Cannabis Waste Management in California

What is cannabis waste? Cannabis waste is any material that has come into contact with cannabis during the cultivation, production, or manufacturing process.

Examples of cannabis byproducts include:

  • Unused plant material
  • Expired or unused edibles
  • Leftover cannabis wax or oils
  • Cannabis product packaging
  • Plant trimmings
  • Cultivation growing medium
  • Used testing samples

Any cannabis manufacturer or cultivator must render their cannabis waste “unrecognizable and unusable.” But what does that mean? While the specifications are different, every state agrees that businesses must separate marijuana waste from any universal or hazardous waste components, like batteries and electronic parts. Then grind and combine it with solid waste such as paper, plastic, cardboard, food, grease, or other compostable oil, and compost soil.

Any business that generates two or more cubic yards of cannabis waste per week must recycle all organic material. They must compost the refuse on-site, take it to an organic waste recycling facility, or schedule it for pickup by a cannabis waste management provider. Plant materials that you can compost include trimmings, edibles, compostable packaging, growing medium, testing samples, and more.

Other types of waste associated with the cannabis cultivation process, like product packaging, cannot be composted. Unfortunately, businesses cannot recycle cannabis packaging in their curbside recycling bin either. Since it has come into contact with marijuana, it is considered a cannabis byproduct and has to be treated as “special regulated waste.” You must deposit your recyclable cannabis waste into a secure receptacle only accessible to you, your employees, and your cannabis waste disposal partner.

At this point, you have two options: to self-haul your cannabis waste to a solid waste disposal facility, a composting site, or an in-vessel digestion facility, or hire a cannabis waste management provider to haul it for you.

Self-Hauling Cannabis Waste

Many Elk Grove companies choose to self-haul their cannabis waste. Self-hauling is a good fit for your company if you have the means to properly transport your refuse and keep delivery documentation on hand for California’s cannabis track-and-trace policy. To comply with track-and-trace regulations, cannabis companies must fill out a form providing information such as:

  • Business name and contact information
  • Name and contact information of the purchaser or receiver
  • Weight and amount of packaging
  • Date and time of departure
  • Description of the product
  • The product’s unique identifier (UID)

However, if you choose to take this route, you are responsible for ensuring your processes are compliant with state regulations.

Hiring a Cannabis Waste Collection Service in Elk Grove

Your cannabis business may also choose to hire a third-party company to take care of your waste for you. Several California businesses can provide you with a cannabis waste management solution that complies with local, federal, and state regulations. If saving time is on your priority list, this might be the best choice for you.

Cannabis waste management companies usually provide you with an UN-rated receptacle and schedule pickup and replacement times. They’ll even handle track-and-trace reports for you! These services will help guarantee that you properly document your recreational or medical marijuana waste and avoid hefty fines and penalties put in place by the DCC and other governing bodies.

It is crucial for cannabis growers, manufacturers, and dispensaries to create and follow a cannabis waste management plan. Easy Waste Management has your back! Request your free consultation when you’re ready to partner with a waste management company or need assistance devising your cannabis waste management plan in the Elk Grove, CA area.

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