How to Find Cannabis Waste Management Services in Los Angeles, CA

Stay compliant with California's rigid cannabis waste regulation by partnering with a dependable hauler!

Cannabis Waste
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All Los Angeles cannabis licensees must make waste management a priority. In any up-and-coming industry, compliance with legal ordinances is an absolute essential to keep your business in good standing. Much like solid waste, the handling of “special regulated waste” (which cannabis is considered to be) is taken very seriously in the state of California. Find a disposal plan that complies with the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), CalCannabis, the Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch (MCSB), and CalRecycle. Learn about the difference a cannabis waste management service in Los Angeles, CA can make for you!

Consider Different Ways to Dispose of Cannabis Waste

Many compliance services can handle your waste for cheap. The problem is that not all cannabis waste disposal services consider the impact solid waste and plastic packaging has on the environment. Raise your cannabis operations to a higher eco-friendly standard by partnering with a collection service that offers more than just waste disposal. Instead, partner with an organization that provides more sustainable options such as composting and package recycling!

What Do the Best Cannabis Waste Companies Offer?

Eco-friendly waste collection is an important offering to look for, but there are many other elements to consider.

  • Compliance with State and Local Regulation
    The state of California has placed many rules and regulations on cannabis businesses to ensure proper waste disposal. Not to mention, Los Angeles county also requires dispensaries, cultivators, and all other operators to submit a waste management plan. The entire process is pretty complex, ranging from mitigating waste odor and rendering products “unusable and unrecognizable” to proper storage of cannabis goods and waste. It’s your hauler’s job to take care of the heavy lifting to ensure you meet the strict regulation of any governing California department.
  • A Comprehensive Solution to a Multi-Faceted Job
    Building off our last point, creating and following through on a waste management plan takes a lot of diligence and special consideration. Look for a disposal service that provides a comprehensive solution to waste management. They should conduct an on-sight assessment to discover any specific needs and challenges to proper waste handling and management. From there, they’ll devise and follow through on a plan that ensures your compliance. You and your employees must understand the proper procedures for handling marijuana waste. The right collection service will also provide relevant guidance and insight, so you’re equipped with tools for success!
  • A Total Partnership in Waste Management
    The cannabis industry is always evolving, and licensees will want to keep up with current trends and regulations to stay relevant. Your Los Angeles cannabis waste hauler should offer dynamic solutions to keep your business thinking outside of the box while adhering to the latest compliance. They should be ahead of the game, and always deliver on waste management plans that promote efficiency and forward-thinking. Partner with a waste management service you trust will be there – day or night.

California Cannabis Waste Regulations Made Easy

Easy Waste Management is more than a collector and hauler. We pride ourselves on our eco-friendly handling of cannabis products and our ability to help our partners save time and resource on their disposal plans. Stay on top of the curve by working with the best waste management service in Los Angeles, CA! Request a free consultation today to receive a detailed assessment of your cannabis waste needs!

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