How to Dispose of Cannabis Waste in Los Angeles, CA

Discover three easy methods you can use to dispose of cannabis waste!

Cannabis Waste
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Whether you own a small dispensary or run a large-scale cultivating plant, properly disposing of your waste is essential for complying with industry regulations and keeping your license. Unfortunately, many in the cannabis industry fail to take necessary precautions and end up violating the law. To better understand and help you weigh your options, we’ve outlined a few ways you can appropriately dispose of cannabis waste in Los Angeles, CA.

Need Options For Disposing of Grow Room Waste? Try These 3 Solutions

Adhering to state laws is a must for cannabis growers, cultivators, and retailers across the state of California. Therefore, it’s no wonder why there’s so much scrutiny involved in handling your waste and byproducts. Keep reading as we cover three practical ways to dispose of cannabis waste in L.A.

  1. Self-Transport Cannabis Waste

    Many companies choose to tow their cannabis waste to a solid waste disposal facility, a composting site, or an in-vessel digestion facility. Self-transporting is a feasible option if you have the means to properly transport your waste and keep receipt copies and documentation for each delivery on hand. However, if you choose to take this route, it does come with its own set of responsibilities that fall on you as a company owner. Remember that California permits only valid business licensees and their employees to transport waste off-site. Also, before transporting any waste, make sure you follow a proper cannabis waste management plan, which includes:

    • Processing your cannabis waste as “unusable and unrecognizable”
    • Securely storing your waste in an UN-rated appropriate waste receptacle

    Complying with these guidelines ensures you stay clear of violations and avoid any unnecessary fines and penalties.

  2. Hiring a Waste Company

    Another suitable option is to hire a company to pick up and dispose of your cannabis waste for you. Several California businesses offer custom-fit waste management solutions that comply with local, federal, and state regulations. If you’re looking to save time and abide by the rules set forth by your assigned licensing agencies, this is likely your best choice. Many businesses will drop off a waste receptacle for you to use and schedule times to empty and replace it. Additionally, they’ll even take care of track-and-trace reports for you, and hand it off to a licensed composting facility. These measures will help guarantee your waste is documented and accounted for from the moment it leaves your property. Plus, having a certified partner handle the work for you allows you to devote more energy towards running your business.

    Besides handling required documents and paperwork, you can also rely on a waste management partner to render your cannabis waste unrecognizable and unusable. Unless your facility is governed by CalCannabis, following this regulation is crucial to avoid fines and penalties, as set forth by The Bureau of Cannabis Control and the Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch.

  3. Composting Onsite

    Lastly, under certain conditions, you can choose to dispose of and compost waste on your licensed property. Like hauling your waste, you must first store it in a secure area until it’s ready for composting. If you opt for this method, it’s required that you abide by Title 14 of the California Code of Regulations in chapter 3.1.

    Although composting is a robust way to rid of your waste and keep it from reaching landfills, it can be costly. Plus, it requires a decent amount of upkeep. We only recommend using it if your business has the time and means to sustain it. When weighing your disposal options, it’s often best to select one that’s both environmentally sustainable and guarantees you’re abiding by all enforced laws and guidelines.

If you’re ready to ensure your operations are following compliant cannabis waste disposal techniques in Los Angeles, consider getting in touch with Easy Waste Management! Our staff can book an on-site inspection to see how your cannabis business runs and formulate an individualized plan. From scheduled pickups and disposal services to failed product destruction, we have you covered. Request a free consultation with us now!

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